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Business growth is proportional to internet speed. Fast internet connection can increase business growth up to 10 times. Keeping that in mind, Up to 500 Mbps internet can be a powerful growth factor for your organization

Domain & Hosting

Who doesn't know how important a website is to create a strong business identity and that's why a custom domain and dedicated hosting service will make your journey even more seamless.

plexus cloud domain hosting
plxus cloud email storage

E-mail Storage

The free storage we get with email is no longer possible to meet any business level needs. Then the paid version comes into play. And whenever it comes to paid, we have to hit the calculator to calculate the storage. But Plexus Cloud offers 500 GB of email storage to keep you running smoothly.

Cloud Storage

We all are more or less aware of the need of cloud storage along with its cost and other hassles or problems. 300 GB cloud storage services will be provided to you to run your business smoothly.

plxus cloud storage
plxus cloud paas-for-saas

PaaS for SaaS

You have to face many kinds of problems while managing SaaS applications of your organization and keeping that in mind as platform as a service, we are saying PasS for a SaaS with 4 core processor 16 GB RAM, 500 GB Storage.

Branch Connectivity

We can bring any branch of your business under data connectivity under Plexus Cloud's extensive network across Bangladesh and avail branch connectivity services.


Wi-Fi Solution

While you used to use Wi-Fi to use the internet for personal needs, we are introducing you to a technology service that provides your customers with real-time customer data as well as your branding and Can give new dimension to marketing.

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