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Corporate: Broadband Internet Solutions in Bangladesh
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Think about how many hours a day you are using the Internet connection taken for your organization or it is working. Except for holidays, more than 8 hours on a working day is not very useful.

Are you not paying the monthly bill for internet connection?

Doing right?

You can say, we can use it during office hours, if we are not in the office outside of office hours, there is nothing to do or this is the rule.

We say the opposite.

If this is the case, the bandwidth is increased in proportion to the time you are not using, i.e. out of 8 hours, add the speed of the remaining 16 hours together. 2 adds up to 1+2=3, so you get 3 times the speed.

We are the first in Bangladesh to provide this premium service for you.

That is, you have Plexus Cloud at your side to increase your internet speed by 3 times.

Premium Features of Broadband Internet Service

Improved Service

Plexus Cloud guarantees you superior service. Along with Swadhan Wi-Fi's exclusive on-premises service, you also get phone and physical support any day of the week, any time.

On-premises services

We are the first in Bangladesh to introduce on-premises services through which one of our skilled support engineers will be ready to provide internet services to you in your organization.

Pro-active support

24x7 you will be informed about any problem by phone or directly and at the same time our skilled team will provide complete solution in short time.

Physical support

No matter what your organization is, we will give you solutions based on the needs of the organization. Where you will be given the necessary solutions through physical support.

Seamless Connection

We guarantee you seamless connectivity.


Plexus Cloud is the only whose knock is connected to NTTN via underground 48 core fiber. And for backup another NTTN is connected with underground 24 core fiber. For tertiary backup we have one NTTN connected with underground fiber i.e. 3 NTTN connected to our data center. We will connect you with underground fiber ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.


As we are associated with the top 4 IIGs in Bangladesh, you are guaranteed the highest level of service at all times. We have one IIG for service, another IIG for load balancing and a separate IIG for backup. One more IIG is connected to 4 IIGs to provide special package services.

Great Speed

Speed is the life of internet. If you don't get enough speed it can never be termed as quality internet. It will never even meet your needs. Independent Wi-Fi not only ensures you quality speed but also 3 times your internet speed. Guaranteeing you the highest level of service.

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